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Functions that are not part of a class:

import_theme_xml($xml, $options=array()   X-Ref
Import an entire theme (stylesheets, properties & templates) from an XML file.
return: boolean True on success, false on failure
param: string $xml The contents of the XML file
param: array $options Optional array of options or overrides

parse_theme_variables($string, $variables=array()   X-Ref
Parse theme variables in a specific string.
return: string Parsed string with variables replaced
param: string $string The string to parse variables for
param: array $variables Array of variables

cache_stylesheet($tid, $filename, $stylesheet)   X-Ref
Caches a stylesheet to the file system.
return: string The cache file path.
param: string $tid The theme ID this stylesheet belongs to.
param: string $filename The name of the stylesheet.
param: string $stylesheet The contents of the stylesheet.

minify_stylesheet($stylesheet)   X-Ref
Minify a stylesheet to remove comments, linebreaks, whitespace,
unnecessary semicolons, and prefers #rgb over #rrggbb.

return: string The minified stylesheet
param: $stylesheet string The stylesheet in it's untouched form.

resync_stylesheet($stylesheet)   X-Ref

return: bool
param: array $stylesheet

fix_css_urls($url)   X-Ref

return: string
param: string $url

fix_css_urls_callback($matches)   X-Ref

return: string
param: array $matches Matches.

unfix_css_urls($url)   X-Ref

return: string
param: string $url

build_new_theme($name, $properties=null, $parent=1)   X-Ref
Build a theme based on the specified parameters.
return: int The new theme ID
param: string $name The name of the theme
param: array $properties Array of theme properties (if blank, inherits from parent)
param: int $parent The parent ID for this theme (defaults to Master)

css_to_array($css)   X-Ref
Generates an array from an incoming CSS file.
return: array Parsed CSS file as array, false on failure
param: string $css The incoming CSS

get_selectors_as_options($css, $selected_item=null)   X-Ref

return: string
param: array|string $css
param: int $selected_item

css_selectors_sort_cmp($a, $b)   X-Ref

return: int
param: array $a
param: array $b

get_css_properties($css, $id)   X-Ref

return: array|bool
param: array|string $css
param: string $id

parse_css_properties($values)   X-Ref
Parses CSS supported properties and returns them as an array.
return: array Array of CSS properties
param: string $values Value of CSS properties from within class or selector

insert_into_css($new_css, $selector="", $css="", $class_id="")   X-Ref
Inserts an incoming string of CSS in to an already defined document. If the class ID is not found, the CSS is appended to the file.
return: string The altered CSS.
param: string $new_css CSS we wish to insert at this location.
param: string $selector The selector for this piece of CSS.
param: string $css The existing CSS if we have any.
param: string $class_id (Optional) The optional friendly class id value just incase the CSS is not found in the file.

copy_stylesheet_to_theme($stylesheet, $tid)   X-Ref

return: bool|int
param: array $stylesheet
param: int $tid

update_theme_stylesheet_list($tid, $theme = false, $update_disporders = true)   X-Ref

return: bool
param: int $tid
param: bool|array $theme
param: bool $update_disporders

make_parent_theme_list($tid)   X-Ref

return: array|bool
param: int $tid

make_child_theme_list($tid)   X-Ref

return: array|null
param: int $tid

cache_themes()   X-Ref

return: array

build_theme_list($parent=0, $depth=0)   X-Ref

param: int $parent
param: int $depth

build_theme_array($ignoretid = null, $parent=0, $depth=0)   X-Ref
returns an array which can be sent to generate_select_box()
return: null|string
param: int $ignoretid
param: int  $parent
param: int  $depth

fetch_theme_stylesheets($theme)   X-Ref

return: array|bool
param: array $theme

upgrade_css_120_to_140($css)   X-Ref

return: string
param: string $css

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