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Class used internally by Diff to actually compute the diffs.

Author: Milian Wolff <mail@milianw.de>
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Defines 1 class

Horde_Text_Diff_Engine_Shell:: (2 methods):

Class: Horde_Text_Diff_Engine_Shell  - X-Ref

diff($from_lines, $to_lines)   X-Ref
Returns the array of differences.
return: array all changes made (array with Horde_Text_Diff_Op_* objects)
param: array $from_lines lines of text from old file
param: array $to_lines   lines of text from new file

_getLines(&$text_lines, &$line_no, $end = false)   X-Ref
Get lines from either the old or new text
return: array The chopped lines
param: array &$text_lines Either $from_lines or $to_lines
param: int   &$line_no    Current line number
param: int   $end         Optional end line, when we want to chop more

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