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Class: MyBB  - X-Ref

MyBB 1.8
Copyright 2014 MyBB Group, All Rights Reserved

Website: http://www.mybb.com
License: http://www.mybb.com/about/license
__construct()   X-Ref
Constructor of class.

parse_incoming($array)   X-Ref
Parses the incoming variables.
param: array $array The array of incoming variables.

parse_cookies()   X-Ref
Parses the incoming cookies

strip_slashes_array(&$array)   X-Ref
Strips slashes out of a given array.
param: array $array The array to strip.

unset_globals($array)   X-Ref
Unsets globals from a specific array.
param: array $array The array to unset from.

clean_input()   X-Ref
Cleans predefined input variables.

get_input($name, $type = MyBB::INPUT_STRING)   X-Ref
Checks the input data type before usage.
return: int|float|array|string Checked data. Type depending on $type
param: string $name Variable name ($mybb->input)
param: int $type The type of the variable to get. Should be one of MyBB::INPUT_INT, MyBB::INPUT_ARRAY or MyBB::INPUT_STRING.

get_asset_url($path = '', $use_cdn = true)   X-Ref
Get the path to an asset using the CDN URL if configured.
return: string The complete URL to the asset.
param: string $path    The path to the file.
param: bool   $use_cdn Whether to use the configured CDN options.

trigger_generic_error($code)   X-Ref
Triggers a generic error.
param: string $code The error code.

__destruct()   X-Ref
No description

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