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Class: MyLanguage  - X-Ref

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set_path($path)   X-Ref
Set the path for the language folder.
param: string $path The path to the language folder.

language_exists($language)   X-Ref
Check if a specific language exists.
return: boolean True when exists, false when does not exist.
param: string $language The language to check for.

set_language($language="", $area="user")   X-Ref
Set the language for an area.
param: string $language The language to use.
param: string $area The area to set the language for.

load($section, $forceuserarea=false, $supress_error=false)   X-Ref
Load the language variables for a section.
param: string $section The section name.
param: boolean $forceuserarea Should use the user area even if in admin? For example for datahandlers
param: boolean $supress_error supress the error if the file doesn't exist?

sprintf($string)   X-Ref

return: string
param: string $string

get_languages($admin=false)   X-Ref
Get the language variables for a section.
return: array The language variables.
param: boolean $admin Admin variables when true, user when false.

parse($contents)   X-Ref
Parse contents for language variables.
return: string The parsed contents.
param: string $contents The contents to parse.

parse_replace($matches)   X-Ref
Replace content with language variable.
return: string Language variable.
param: array $matches Matches.

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