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Class: pluginSystem  - X-Ref

MyBB 1.8
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load()   X-Ref
Load all plugins.

add_hook($hook, $function, $priority=10, $file="")   X-Ref
Add a hook onto which a plugin can be attached.
return: boolean Whether the hook was added.
param: string       $hook     The hook name.
param: array|string $function The function of this hook.
param: int          $priority The priority this hook has.
param: string       $file     The optional file belonging to this hook.

run_hooks($hook, &$arguments="")   X-Ref
Run the hooks that have plugins.
return: mixed The arguments for the hook.
param: string $hook      The name of the hook that is run.
param: mixed $arguments The argument for the hook that is run. The passed value MUST be a variable

remove_hook($hook, $function, $file="", $priority=10)   X-Ref
Remove a specific hook.
return: bool Whether the hook was removed successfully.
param: string       $hook     The name of the hook.
param: array|string $function The function of the hook.
param: string       $file     The filename of the plugin.
param: int          $priority The priority of the hook.

is_compatible($plugin)   X-Ref
Establishes if a particular plugin is compatible with this version of MyBB.
return: boolean TRUE if compatible, FALSE if incompatible.
param: string $plugin The name of the plugin.

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