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StopForumSpamChecker:: (3 methods):

Class: StopForumSpamChecker  - X-Ref

Registration checker to check registrations against the StopForumSpam.com database.
__construct(&$plugins, $min_weighting_before_spam = 50.00, $check_usernames = false, $check_emails = true, $check_ips = true, $log_blocks = true)   X-Ref
Create a new instance of the StopForumSpam.com checker.
param: pluginSystem $plugins                   An instance of the plugin system.
param: double       $min_weighting_before_spam The minimum confidence rating before a user is considered definitely spam.
param: bool         $check_usernames           Whether to check usernames against StopForumSpam.
param: bool         $check_emails              Whether to check email address against StopForumSpam.
param: bool         $check_ips                 Whether to check IP addresses against StopForumSpam.

is_user_a_spammer($username = '', $email = '', $ip_address = '')   X-Ref
Check a user against the 3rd party service to determine whether they are a spammer.
return: bool Whether the user is considered a spammer or not.
param: string $username   The username of the user to check.
param: string $email      The email address of the user to check.
param: string $ip_address The IP address sof the user to check.

getErrorText($sfsSettingsEnabled)   X-Ref

return: string
param: array $sfsSettingsEnabled

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