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MyBBXMLParser:: (5 methods):

Class: MyBBXMLParser  - X-Ref

The following class is based upon code by Eric Pollman
@ http://eric.pollman.net/work/public_domain/
and is licensed under the public domain license.

__construct($data)   X-Ref
Initialize the parser and store the XML data to be parsed.
param: string $data

get_tree()   X-Ref
Build a tree based structure based from the parsed data
return: array The tree based structure

build_tag($thisvals, $vals, &$i, $type)   X-Ref
Private: Build a completed tag by fetching all child nodes and attributes
return: array Completed tag array
param: array $thisvals Array of values from the current tag
param: array $vals Array of child nodes
param: int $i Internal counter
param: string $type Type of tag. Complete is a single line tag with attributes

get_children($vals, &$i)   X-Ref
Fetch the children for from a specific node array
return: array Array of child nodes
param: array $vals Array of children
param: int $i Internal counter

kill_tags($array)   X-Ref
Kill off unnecessary tags and return a clean array of XML data
return: array Cleaned array of XML data
param: array $array Array of parsed XML data

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