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Functions that are not part of a class:

find_warnlevels_to_check($query, &$max_expiration_times, &$check_levels)   X-Ref

param: resource|PDOStatement|mysqli_result $query The query to be run. Needs to select the "action" column of the "warninglevels" table
param: array $max_expiration_times Return variable. The maximum expiration time
param: array $check_levels Return variable. Whether those "levels" were checked

fetch_friendly_expiration($time)   X-Ref
Returns a friendly expiration time of a suspension/warning
return: array An array of the time/period remaining
param: int $time The time period of the suspension/warning

fetch_time_length($time, $period)   X-Ref
Figures out the length of a suspension/warning
return: int Length of the suspension/warning (in seconds)
param: int $time The amount of time to calculate the length of suspension/warning
param: string $period The period of time to calculate the length of suspension/warning

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